Air Compressor Repairs and Preventative Maintenance

As soon as you buy a new air compressor, for sure you expect the equipment to provide you with the best performance for a very long time and for different projects. Of course, this is very possible to happen given that you are doing a routine maintenance for your equipment so you can avoid air compressor repairs which can be very costly.

From the very simple process of changing the oil of your machine to conducting routine inspections, there are several steps that you need to take so you can prevent serious repair issues along the way. Here are some tips that you can consider.


Daily Inspections

Before using the air compressor, it would be best if you can perform an inspection, especially of its major components. For instance, you can check the machine to see that the pipes and tubes are clear of any damage. You should also check its pump oil level. Lastly, don’t forget to tighten the nuts and bolts that are situated on the exterior of the compressor.


Drain the Tank

As the compressor is commonly used, practicing the right ways to better take good care of it so it can serve its purpose for a long time is definitely a must. This includes not forgetting to drain the tank. After every time you use the air compressor, make sure that you drain its tank. As the machine is used, condensation starts to build up in the air tank. When you fail to drain this condensation at the end of the day, the watery build up will cause great damage, as well as wear to the components of your air compressor. When this happens, you will be urged to perform immediate air compressor repairs which can disrupt the entire process or operation. If you happen to live in a humid area, it is more important to regularly drain condensation from your unit.


Change the Air Filter

The air filter of an air compressor is specifically designed to prevent dust, dirt, or any other types of debris from damaging the internal systems. In order to make sure that the air compressor stays in its best operating condition, you should change its air filter regularly. Whenever you need to change it, you might notice that the filter has been punctured, clogged, or damaged. Make sure that you don’t wait for the worst things to happen before you decide to change the air filter.

As long as you take time to perform these important maintenance tips for the air compressor, there is no need for you to worry about any unnecessary costs. Also, you would be able to minimize the use of the machine for a much longer time. This means that it can do its job and you are getting the returns for your money.