Link Popularity Explained

Internet traffic

Internet traffic

The difference of success amongst the search engines is affected by link popularity.

Link popularity can be explained like this: it is, basically, the number of quality valued incoming links that are pointing towards your site. If your site holds value, then people will want to be linking to it, the various search engines consider these factors when ranking your site. The results are simple the more quality links you have and are creating are shown in the sites ability to rank well in the search engine results.

Some of the very best incoming links you can get come from the most authoritative sites. Examples of authoritative sites would include the likes of sites like BBC, Yahoo, NHS, and from other well-established and trusted sites, which relate and share the same focus as your own site. Linking with these sites will also bring massive exposure and increase your visibility.

You need to create a quality site with rich unique content. The Key to success is ensuring you have correct key word density, don’t try to stuff key words and attempt to fool or trick the search engines you will get found out. Make your intentions honourable and clear, be a fair player and you will be rewarded for your honesty.

Create unique pages and have the correct links pointed towards these pages, it’s all about quality these days and relevance. Quality over quantity must be remembered at all times. Bad placed spammy links and mass volumes of them only bring trouble and poor rankings.

As the search engines restrictions get tighter, then the quality of link building and how it’s done must improve and be in line with Google Webmaster Guidelines. You need quality, relevant and well-constructed web pages, with unique rich well-written content.

The better your site, then the more likely people will want to naturally link to it. Gain trust and link to authoritative sites, a trusted online marketing agency don’t automate links or get involved with doorway pages or link farms. Involvement in these areas will only result in penalization and it could be a long time before you are seen coming in from the search engine abyss.

Do everything by the book, give the search engines what they are looking for and you will be rewarded. It takes time to build and gain quality links. Link building done correctly is very powerful and effective; link building done incorrectly can be detrimental to any online campaign that is involved with it.