The Future of Waterjet Cutting in Australia

Water jet cutting is currently the go-to choice, the leading technology to use when it comes to carrying out even the simplest of cutting projects.  But it has not reached this stellar position just by standing still and doing nothing, it has worked its way up there. Meaning to say, it needed to undergo a sundry of improvements and innovations first before it finally came to how it is today.

 The Future of Waterjet Cutting in Australia

So if constant changes and improvements were at the heart on its rise, what remains next for water jet machine manufacturers?

Faster Waterjet Cutting Machine

Water jet cutting machines are a way lot faster nowadays since this cutting-edge technology is now capable of delivering much higher water pressure through the cutting head. Various leading brands of waterjet cutting machines have at least 87, 000 PSI. This is the speed for jets of water which is around 4 times faster than the speed of sound.

There is one thing certain here, that PSI is bound to increase even further over the years and the decades to come. But the speed gains might not be on the water pressure Instead, the speed gain is likely to catch up on the design upgrades and software.


Water jet cutting is already taking the lead in the metal and stone fabrication industry. It can manage to cut through depths 10 times those of laser CM. By virtue of increasing water pressure, waterjet cutters would be able to cut further deeper still. It is possible also that in a few years time would be able to cut metal to ½ a  meter’s depth.

Cutting Complex Parts

In recent years, what can be considered as the biggest milestone in waterjet machine is now it is able to cut parts beyond the basic 2-dimensional cut we know.

Some water jet cutters are now boasting of their XD cutting features, a head that can move about on multiple axes. This signifies that you can now manage to cut a complex three-dimensional part in just one take, one go — as opposed to settling for time-consuming and costly cuts.  

Boeing and formula one teams are among those that are taking good advantage of the XD cutting method. Basically, these are the industries that have a constant need for complex parts that should be cut accurately. This is an area that is bound to grow even further. Various industries have a growing demand for tools that will help them in cutting out even more intricate patterns and part, more accurately, with greater depth, and more quickly.

Water Jet Cutters for the Home

How do we see the future of water jet cutting method of today in 10 to 30 years from now?  In the not so distant future, people will reminisce the 21st century as the moment in time when the waterjet industry is having the most number of innovations in its history of development.

Much like how we see the Ford Model-T today as something out of fashion and quaint,  the cream-of-the-crop waterjet cutter of today will by then seem underpowered and out-of-date.