Water Jet Machines: Cost Considerations

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Water Jet Machine cutting

Are you thinking of investing in a water jet machine for your facility? Knowing what you should about the possible cost considerations is important to charting whether it is a decision that will pay off greatly, over time. These include:

Components and materials

Choosing the right waterjet machine is dependent on a lot of factors, including the intensity of the work that you need to deliver as well as the range of applications that you intend to use the machine for. Consequently, you have to build a system that involves the right amount of cutting heads, pump, and other components.

As such, you have to prepare for their costs. For instance, it is estimated that the normal cost of operation of one waterjet machine with a single cutting head per hour starts at $100. Similarly, the material you intend to cut, its size and its thickness will impact running costs. And if you’re intending to purchase an abrasive waterjet cutter, you have to factor in the cost of the abrasive itself.

Possible replacement

When components have reached the end of their life or intended load cycles, they have to be replaced. Replacement costs should also be

Water and power

Power consumption depends on your pressure requirements, and the amount of water you will use up is also hinged upon the extent of your applications.

Other costs

Additionally, you may have to deal with upgrades, extra software seats, and training from the manufacturer.

Managing Cost Considerations of Water Jet Machines

Now, just because a water jet machine will not exactly be free does not mean that any facility that is on a budget will not be able to afford it. There are plenty of things that you can do to make sure that you end up paying for exactly what you need and want, and not a dollar more.

Have a comprehensive maintenance plan

Maintenance does a lot to streamline your operations, spot issues before they escalate and get bigger, and significantly cut costs.

Buy from a reputable supplier

Finally, source your waterjet machine and components from a reputable supplier. This will assure you of long-lasting quality, as well as a ready suite of solutions for assistance and guidance.

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